Innovative impulse lifting gear
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Innovative Impulse

Innovative Impulse is an innovator in design and delivery of heavy construction equipment in the on- and offshore and civil works. With highly experienced designers and years of knowledge we offer unique solution such as cranes, winches, heavy lift equipment and other special products.

Crane by innovative impulse


We are specialized in lifting and manipulation technologies and we offer a design to every lifting challenge. We have extensive knowledge and experience in providing innovative (patented) solutions such as:
- Heavy lifting cranes
- Beadstall cranes
- Portal cranes
- Mobile harbor cranes
- Pipe handling systems
- A-frames and more

Winch by Innovative Impulse


Winches are used in numerous industrial sectors, including the shipping industry. Do you need a special kind of winch? Innovative Impulse develops and delivers all kinds of winches for offshore and onshore applications. We offer you a very broad range of winches for a variety of applications, including:
- Traction winches
- Hose winches
- Umbilical winches
- Lifting winches
- Mooring winches
- Towing winches
- Winches for anchors and more

Lifting equipment

Development and construction of lifting gear is one of the specialties of Innovative Impulse. We design and deliver lifting gear for all industrial sectors, including the shipping, transport and construction industry. Our products have very favorable strength / weight ratio and we can offer you the following gear:
- Lifting beams (for loading- unloading installations)
- Spreader beams (for loading- unloading installations)
- Lifting yokes
- Equalizer beams
- Lifting frames
- Heave compensators and more


Innovative Impulse always finds a suitable solution to your mechanical engineering problems, also for difficult problems. We have developed and delivered a large number of special constructions and accessories during the past years such as:
- Upper side step arm
- 500t Pipe tensioner
- L-bow (compensated gangway)
- Cutter platform and more


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